Bushra brings home the Impact Award

Bushra Ilyas received the 2018 Impact Award from the Biochemistry graduate program for her recent publication in Cell Reports. Apologies for the messy lab background...there's no such thing as tidy idleness in our shop.

Scholarship News!

Congratulations to these two stars (Caressa Tsai and Elizabeth Chau) who received Ontario Graduate Scholarships in this round of competition.

Fellowship News!

Congratulations to Dr. Wael Elhenawy on his well-deserved postdoctoral fellowship award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research! Get ready for some serious R.O.I. folks.

Presenting...Dr. Bushra Ilyas

Whatever your drink of choice, it tastes better in the Thallion (strong, dauntless), the mystical chalice that awaits you after your thesis defense. Congratulations to Dr. Bushra Ilyas, who is the lab's 10th completed PhD student!

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