Health Sciences Research Plenary - where the stars shine!

Great to have the lab represented by fantastic graduate students Bushra Ilyas, Alex Oberc, Caressa Tsai, and postdocs Wael Elhenawy and Dustin Little at the 2017 FHS Research Plenary - the showcase event of the year for trainee research.

The Invisible World

This week we took the science lab to the Grade 4/5 classes at Dundas Central Public School to introduce students to the 'Invisible World'. Armed with 15 microscopes and lots of lab gear, the students got a chance to observe microscopic pond life, see their own cells under the microscope, and learn why yeast is used in baking! Thanks to the teachers and students for a great day, and to the team for a fantastic lab event (Bushra, Brian T., Caressa, HT, Aline, Alex, Tori, Sara, and me).

Hunt...or be hunted

The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase! Things got real when the Coombes and Whitney labs took it to the arena for some battle archery mayhem. Archery meets dodgeball in this action-packed game of skill and courage!

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