A fitting tribute to our friend and colleague, Michael Kamin Hart

Michael Kamin Hart left an indelible mark on the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research. He was a passionate scientist and inspired those around him to pursue excellence. After a courageous battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Michael sadly passed away on June 5 2011. However, his legacy lives on in the research being done at the IIDR. As an honor to his memory and his passion for science, the Michael Kamin Hart Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Master’s student, a PhD student and undergraduate researcher who demonstrates academic excellence, leadership, and the same enthusiasm for science that was evident in Michael. In 2013, the Coombes lab was honored and proud to

LPS remodeling triggers outer membrane vesicles in Salmonella

In a new paper published in mBio, Dr. Wael Elhenawy (now a postdoctoral fellow in the Coombes lab), Dr. Mario Feldman (Washington University, St. Louis) and colleagues describe a new mechanism of outer membrane vesicle (OMV) formation in Salmonella. In this model, OMV formation is triggered by LPS modifications induced by the lipid A deacylase PagL. Since the regulatory circuitry leading to PagL expression is activated following host infection, these data highlight a new connection between virulence gene expression and OMV formation that may play an important role in host-pathogen interactions. [Read the paper here].

See you in Potsdam

The Coombes lab is looking forward to the upcoming 5th ASM Conference on Salmonella, being hosted in Potsdam, Germany in late August. This is always a science-packed week featuring the latest exciting discoveries in Salmonella research. See you in Potsdam!

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