Crohn's disease: it's kind of complicated

Microbes are implicated in the progression and perhaps onset of Crohn's disease. Research is intensifying into into what these microbes are, how they interact with each other, and how these interactions can affect people differently. Writing in Gut Microbes, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Wael Elhenawy and MD/Ph.D. student Alex Oberc discuss microbe-microbe interactions in the gut that might play a role in the onset and progression of Crohn's disease.

Evolution of Salmonella-host cell interactions

Congratulations to graduate students Bushra and Caressa on their recent publication reviewing how regulatory evolution helps shape Salmonella interactions with host cells during infection. Thanks to our many colleagues, friends, and fellow scientists who provided us with wonderful reading material as we prepared this review!

Cold Spring Harbor, here we come

Postdoctoral fellow, Wael Elhenawy and PhD student, Elizabeth Chau from the Coombes lab will be heading to Cold Spring Harbor next week for the Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Response meeting. Such a great place and a really great meeting. Congratulations to the organizers (Raphael Valdivia, Denise Monack, and Malcolm Whiteway) for a fantastic lineup.

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