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May The Force Be With Us

The Coombes lab brought home the coveted Department Halloween Group Costume Contest award again this year. With amazing homemade costumes, a lot of paper mache and of course, the Force, we managed to convince the judges to join the Rebel Alliance. In true theme spirit, our pumpkin was transformed into the Death Star with a “Star Wars” projection out the back.

Past Projects: 2009 - Fellowship of the Coombes 2010 - The Radical Re-streakers 2011 - Star Wars

Our Star Wars The Emperor (Sarah A.) Darth Vader (Cherrie) Chewbacca (Brian T.) Han Solo (Joe) Luke Skywalker (David) Princess Leia (Brian C.) C-3PO (Suzanne) R2-D2 (Ana T.) Yoda (Sarah R.) Boba Fett (Brandyn) Storm Trooper 1 (Lauren) Storm Trooper 2 (Pui Sai) Storm Trooper 3 (Kun)


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