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News from the Benches: Coombes lab research featured in Science

Our work on regulatory evolution was featured in the Editor’s Choice Section in the February 27 issue of Science. In this paper, we described a detailed example of regulatory evolution in Salmonella typhimurium and showed the biological significance for it during systemic typhoid. This work featured outstanding trainees from the Coombes lab, along with great collaborators from the University of Illinois, Chicago and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Osborne, S.E., Walthers, D., Duong, N., Lowden, M.J., Tomljenovic, A.M., Wickham, M.E., Silphaduang, U., Waller, R.F., Kenney, L.J., Coombes, B.K. 2009. Pathogenic adaptation of intracellular bacteria by rewiring an ancestral cis-regulatory input function. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. 106: 3982–3987.


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