Joe McPhee to start his own research group in Toronto

The lab gave postdoctoral fellow Joe McPhee a send-off this week, as he makes a move to Toronto to start his own lab at Ryerson University. Joe has been a huge asset to the Coombes team over the past few years and has moved our AIEC research along apace. We wish him the best for a successful start as a new PI!

Three Coombes lab grads sip from the Thallion

There’s nothing like a drink from The Thallion to sooth the mind, body and soul after the defense panel grants you your well-earned doctorate. Recently, three Coombes lab grads got to wrap their hands on the stem of The Thallion - the ornate chalice that holds the celebratory quaff. Congratulations to Drs. Sarah Allison, David Mulder, and Sarah Reid-Yu on their outstanding PhD defenses.

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